Liz & Mark Rooker

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on their professionalism?

The professionalism we received from day one was exceptional and professional would certainly be one of the words I would choose that describe our experience of RJH. Importantly their professionalism carried through all aspects of our wedding. Starting from the first meeting, numerous correspondences before the day and on the day its self, the service we received was not only professional but very personable. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect was how this level of professionalism continued after the wedding when we started to choose the pictures we wanted.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on their amenity?

We found choosing a wedding photographer one of the most difficult decisions of our wedding for a number of reasons. Like many couples we knew very little about photography to start with yet it is such an important aspect of the day. We also found the first few meetings with other photographers very cold, very structured and very "salesy." Rob and Alice were completely different, we met very informally to discuss what we wanted, there was no script no sales patter just a very friendly warm welcome. Rob asked a number of questions but really wanted us to tell him exactly what we wanted. This friendly, personable way to do business made our transaction feel more like a two way partnership than simply hiring a service. We made our decision within 10 minutes of meeting them, which considering how important the decision was, showed how genuine and friendly they came across.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on their interactions with your guests?

It is an extremely difficult job to organise all your guests for the photographs at a wedding of any size but Rob and Alice organised the photographs brilliantly. At friends weddings that we have attended we witnessed photographers getting stressed and a lack of interaction with the guests has led to confusion or even anger. Rob and Alice are totally different, they plan each shot group shot with you beforehand and the preparation they take before the wedding even included factoring in time with the guests to make them feel part of the day. Importantly the group photographs happened with minimal fuss and with plenty of humour which set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. RJH also understand that the success of the wedding is often determined by the atmosphere and happiness of the guests and they went out of their way to give our guests the same VIP service they were giving to the bride and groom.  This was illustrated by the fact that on the day many of our friends took the time to say how nice the photographers were and even the venue manager commented that they were one of the nicest photographers they had accommodated.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography their creativity?

One of the most important aspects of our photographs was that although we wanted the traditional pictures we also wanted our pictures to be different. Not being the most creative person (certainly with a camera) we put our trust in RJH to be creative and create an album that wasn't dull or rigid. We were not disappointed, Rob and Alice were incredibly creative taking shots that I never thought would work yet the results were stunning. Different angles, different heights, different backgrounds were all tried out. This meant that instead of just people shots stood in a room we were able to get some of the main features of our wedding and some stunning backdrops which really showcased the venue and grounds. We love some of the guest shots capturing the fun aspect to our wedding and the unique shots taken in some of the rooms are stunning. During the day they both took some creative shots of some of the wedding features which have since been used by the hair dresser and the florist which highlights how good they were.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on the flexibility?

Quite simply these were the only wedding photographers we met that built a package around us. If you are looking to have the pictures you want rather than what the photographer wants to showcase then I would highly recommend RJH. We told them what we wanted and they then fitted the package around us. Of course RJH are the experts and are happy to give advice about what will work and what shots they don't recommend but they certainly put you in the driving seat.

How would you describe/rate Alice and Rob as a team?

Rob and Alice are a wonderful team, their planning before the wedding means that come the day they know exactly what each one of their roles will be. When one is taking a traditional shot the other will be looking for unique angles. When one is taking a serious shot the other will be capturing the candid shots. Whilst one is setting a shot up the other is capturing the interactions and the results were wonderful. They both are passionate about photography and genuinely seemed to enjoy the day. Although perhaps not important to some people one thing we though was nice was that on the day Rob and Alice turned up dressed formally which meant they really fitted in the guests

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on the final images produced?

When we looked back at our pictures the biggest challenge we had was finding which ones that we didn't want to feature on our final set, there wasn't a single shot that we disliked. We were so pleased with the images we couldn't wait to share them with friends and family. Everyone who has seen the final images have said that they are stunning and those that attended the day said how RJH had captured the day perfectly. Our first view of the images came with the preview album which arrived the very next day just before setting off on honeymoon which was the perfect start to our holiday.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on the quality of the images produced?

The quality of the photographs are exceptional as you would expect from a professional photographer. The quantity of photographs that was sent through was really suprising we were given over 300 to choose from but what really sets RJH apart was that the pictures were all at an incredibly high standard.

How would you describe/rate RJH Wedding photography on the quality of final digital disc or printed album presentation? (Feel free to leave this last question until you've received your disc if you would prefer)

The final digital disk arrived much sooner than expected and was exactly what we were looking for, we had the perfect day and RJH captured it exactly. We will always look back with fond memories of our day and thanks to RJH we will be able to relive the day whenever we want in perfect clarity!

I would not hesitate to recommend Rob and Alice for any occasion but particularly for a wedding, they really helped make our day special and numerous people who attended commented on how nice they were. Choosing a photographer is an extremely important decision and I would urge anyone to meet with Rob and Alice as you'll find the meeting to be hassle free, not pushy and they will put you at ease straight away.

Liz & Mark Rooker

Married – 5th May 2013

Venue – The Stables, Doncaster