Your wedding album will stand as the most enduring memory of your wedding day and our sole focus in designing and creating the album is to ensure that the memory is presented in equal luxury and splendour as the wedding itself.

As such we only work with the highest quality album printers that are only available to professional photographer and cannot be found on the high street. It is this quality and dedication to their craft which makes their product a perfect match for our images.

Our design process begins following the release of the full selection of images from the wedding day. Once these have been released via your private viewing gallery or received on USB via post, we will allow you to choose the images that feature in your album.

Of course, as you will likely be provided with in excess of 400 images from your wedding day, not all of these will be able to make it into your album. However it is our suggestion to choose your favourite 50-60 images to feature, or slightly more for our A3 albums. All albums are designed in a storybook style to follow the sequence of the day and more, or less, space can be afforded to more significant images.

Due to the modern technology used the edge of the page is no longer something to fear as single images can run right up to the edge or even spread across multiple pages. Equally additional images can be set into the background of pages so that some of the smaller details of your day can also feature in the album. Thick strong pages and lay flat binding will ensure that no quality will be lost and images will rest beautifully on or across the page.

Following an initial design consultation we will endeavour to produce a draft pdf of your album for you to sign off on before the album is sent to print. We allow up to one complete redesign and as many small tweaks and changes to ensure you are happy to with end result.

We offer a selection of album covers including leather, full acrylic, acrylic windows on leather and full linen print. A range of colours are also available for both your main and parent albums ensuring yours will be as unique as the wedding itself.

If you would like to discuss this process further and see examples of our completed albums then please feel free to contact us to arrange a personal consultation.